First 2TB Hard Drive Announced

Western Digital 2TB Hard Drive

Last Tuesday, January 27th Western Digital announced that they would be the first company to produce a 2TB hard drive in a single 3.5” unit. Is this really a big deal, you ask? The truth is IT IS for Western Digital and for the rest of us. Western Digital, known for top-selling hard drives such as their Western Digital My Book Series, is typically not a leader in direct jumps in hard drive capacity technologies. Seagate Technologies, on the other hand, is usually the driving force. The last example of this was their Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 1.5 TB hard drive, which was the largest hard disk drive on the market. However, this accomplishment was tainted for Seagate subsequently due to product flaws including a self-bricking malfunction. This means the product appeared to be “normal” until, after some use, the product suddenly stopped being recognized by the user’s computer. Seagate states they are currently “working with customers to expedite a remedy. This is unfortunate for Seagate, a top-quality Hard Drive Manufacturer, but a golden-opportunity for Western Digital as they step out from under their #2 position in the hard disk drive manufacturing industry and outshine their competition.


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