Wireless Printers – How does that Bluetooth Technology really work?

Now a day, most everyone has a device with Bluetooth technology. Most people, especially California residents, have a Bluetooth hands-free headset due to the cell phone law. But do you really know how it works? Often times we take for granted these technologies and just accept that they work and leave it at that. However, I think you’ll find it interesting to know how Bluetooth technology works and how it differs from other similar technologies.

Bluetooth works by transmitting low-powered radio signals in the 2.4GHz range. Unlike other technologies that require line-of sight positioning, Bluetooth is omni-directional and can communicate with devices at a distance and even extend and penetrate through walls, doors and even different levels of buildings.

Bluetooth can be found not only in hands-free headset devices and cell phones but also laptops, computers, entertainment systems and printers. The cool thing about printers equipped with Bluetooth is that they can communicate wirelessly to digital cameras and download all your new photos in a flash. Just think: you can wirelessly download pictures and instantly print out your photos to show relatives who may be visiting.

For Bluetooth or wireless printers, I prefer hp printers. They are feature rich, have beautiful resolution and color clarity, and are very affordable. I also recommend the PIXMA line of canon printers. They are a good value and often come with an LCD display to preview your photos so you don’t even need to login to a computer.


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