Kindle 2

Courtesy of CNET

Courtesy of CNET

Amazon introduces the next-generation wireless reading device – Kindle 2. Like many, you may have not even caught the first edition, but it is something to take notice of now as it’s the beginning of a gadget trend. Kindle operates on its own, without a PC, and has the ability to get books wirelessly in less than 60 seconds and can display them in a nice, sleek, slim design. It’s basically the world’s biggest, portable e-Book store with over 240,000 books. It retrieves thousands of books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs via Amazon’s familiar online store.

The second version of Kindle comes with additional storage, longer battery life and an improved display. The most interesting new feature is Kindle’s ability to read to you (text-to-speech feature); making Amazon’s revolutionary device even better. The built-in keyboard is useful for notes and navigation, and the font size is adjustable. It displays MP3 and AAC audio, and is compatible with Windows and Mac machines.

While all of this sounds very fascinating, and it is, the one major downside is the price. At a whopping $359.00, Kindle two’s price tag is just too high. I do believe it is the best e-book reader out there and the best value, but is it really something consumers will be able to justify spending that kind of money on?


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