Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headset Discontinued

Courtesy of Apple Inc.

Courtesy of Apple Inc.

I got word of a rumor from The iPhone blog that Apple had discontinued its iPhone Bluetooth headset and confirmed this was true after a quick visit to the Apple website.

I’m not sure I’m sad to see it go since it was released late 2007 as a barebones model compared to all the other neat Bluetooth headsets out there, such as my favorite plantronics headsets or motorola bluetooth headsets.

The Apple Bluetooth headset received pretty good reviews when it was released, but those reviews quickly followed with user reviews dinging the performance. Issues included poor sound quality and battery life. But does this mean Apple is going to release some new Bluetooth headsets or are they bailing out of the Bluetooth accessory game?

My guess is the first option since Apple seems to dominate most fields. They will probably come out with something pretty competitive to what’s out there now. However, I am pretty fond of the Bluetooth headsets out there now. And considering the hands-free headset laws in many states, it’s important to have bluetooth headsets in all your cars.