Vevo: New Music Video Site To Be Launched By Google And Universal Music



Last week, Universal Music Group and Google announced they were working together on a new music and video entertainment service set to launch sometime this year. The new website will be called Vevo.

Google-owned YouTube will handle the technology side while Universal Music supplies all the content; and the two plan to split the revenue generated by ads. Currently, YouTube visitors use songs from Universal Music and will continue to be allowed to do so. Moving forward, the professionally made videos from Universal Music will only appear on the new site, Vevo.

Doug Morris, Universal Music’s chief executive, originally wanted to build his own music and video site with better quality video and additional features, but decided to partner with Google seeing how it would be difficult to find a bigger audience than that of YouTube’s.

The test of time will tell us if a stand-alone music-video site can earn the needed visitors and ad revenue. What do you think? Is Vevo a website you would want to visit?

Writers from CNET commented on the website to be launched and listed, in their opinion, five features that would make Vevo work.