Oracle buys Sun for $7.4B

Oracle, known for its database business, has announced today that it will buy Sun Microsystems for$9.50 per share in cash. The valuation of the deal is $7.4 billion, or $5.6 billion net of Sun’s cash and debt. Weeks ago IBM approached Sun for a buyout, but Sun rejected IBM’s offer because they did not like the terms IBM was offering.

Sun brings several benefits to Oracle through the acquisition. First off, Oracle has not had a hardware or server OS business to date and this is the area of IT where Sun earned its reputation during the dot-com boom. In addition to hardware, Oracle’s most important product to acquire is Sun’s best-know technology: Java software. Java is the most important software Oracle has ever acquired because it’s one of the computer industry’s best-known brands and most widely deployed technologies. Java is also critical to Oracle because its fastest growing business, Oracle Fusion Middleware, is built on Sun’s Java language.

Another important product Oracle acquires with Sun is Solaris, the successful platform for Oracle’s database business; which is Oracle’s largest business. Acquiring Sun’s two key software assets will ensure Oracle continued innovation for the benefit for the customers.

Oracle is mainly focused to tackle large-scale business intelligence problems along with Sun and its enterprise servers and server software. If you are a small business or medium sized business, you would probaly be more interested in tower servers.

iMac: Now up to 3.06 GHz

Apple Computer

Apple Computer

The iMac has been an icon of Apple’s computer line for years; the new iMac takes that tradition of style and quality and adds a dramatic, powerful punch with the addition of new features, new technology and an amazing new design. It’s truly the “all-in-one for everyone.” In addition, the price is much less than one would expect (or at least those PC users).

So, what makes the new iMac so impressive? Let’s take a quick look at the improvements, starting with the all new look of the apple computer.

Once upon a time, the iMac was a white, polycarbonate machine that appealed to some, though not all, of Apple’s customers. The new iMac is something different altogether. The sleek, modern aluminum case is a thing of real beauty. It exudes style and power and is crafted from a single sheet of aluminum, which means no screws or bolts in view. Combine that look with the fact that all of the hardware is integrated into the monitor case (for space saving) and you have a look that is unique on today’s market.

What else is new with the iMac? The Intel Core 2 Duo Processors pack a bigger punch than older Apple machines. With up to 3.06 GHz worth of power, these workhorse processor chips provide much more computing power for the serious user. The addition of Intel to the Apple lineup has been a great improvement over older models and provides far more than standard operation.

Standard on board memory is another area in which the new iMac generation has improved. With up to 2 GB of standard onboard memory, the iMac runs faster than ever before, though you can configure them with much more, if that’s your desire. You can decided to get one with two SO-DIMM slots to support up to 8GB of memory. The hard drive capacity has also been increased. The iMac now offers three different hard drives. A 320GB hard drive is standard with optional 640GB or 1TB hard drives for expanded hard drive space.

The OS of the new iMac is Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard, billed as the world’s most advanced operating system. Whether it blows past other OS’s out there or not, Leopard does not disappoint. The other software additions, such as iLife and iWork make this software solution one of the best on the planet. The iMac also has great NVIDIA graphics cards available and video support for premium movie watching.

So, how does the iMac stack up with real consumers? To find out, just try to find a real negative review of the machine. With astounding reliability and performance that a PC just cannot touch, this new machine is a winner with Apple lovers the world over.

Tech Bubble Video – Funny!

I thought I’d lighten up this Tuesday to get us through the week. It’s a YouTube video I find hilarious and witty. It’s about the Tech Bubble. Enjoy!

Tech Bubble YouTube Video – Funny!

Tech Bubble Video